TechCheck Setup Files

Setup Process

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TechCheck Installation


TechCheck is a Microsoft ClickOnce installation and can be downloaded from the link above. TechCheck will verify all pre-requisites before installing so there is very little maintenance. If .NET 4.7 or higher is not installed it can take a significant amount of time to update, so please be prepared for that.

* Affinitiv recommends staying up to date with the latest .NET and security updates through Windows Update.

Microsoft .NET 4.7 or higher

The foundation of TechCheck is built on the latest .NET framework and requires that the latest .NET update has been installed. This pre-requisite should also be included in the most recent windows updates. Running TechCheck setup verifies this is installed and will prompt for installation automatically if it isn’t. (.NET 4.7 Web Installer)

Adobe PDF Reader

In order to view the customer report file, an Adobe PDF Reader needs to be installed.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or higher

Access to domain and subdomains

The network firewall needs sufficient privileges to reach Affinitiv services endpoints. We recommend that * be added to the trusted network sites and that all firewalls allow access to all sub domains and folders in * domain.

Synchronized Time

For security reasons, a desktop that is running TechCheck requires that it’s time be properly set within 5 minutes of the TechCheck server time. Time zones are taken into account if they are properly set in windows, so there is no issue with multiple time zones. The TechCheck server synchronizes with ‘’ so for the most assured time synchronization we recommend the same.


TechCheck is a hosted software solution based on a services oriented architecture. Broadband download speed of 3.0 Mbps or better is recommended with the use of TechCheck and without a solid network pipeline, application performance can be adversely affected.